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The colour of articles seen on the web site may not be a 100% true representation of the actual colour of the featured article or product. Various light intensity and the characteristics of your viewing screen will affect colours as you see them.

In addition, slight variations in pigments of natural material used such as pearls, semi-precious stones, wool, leather and fur will affect the actual colour of the article or product you receive compared to the ones featured on our website.

All metals are non allergic: lead,nickel and cadmium free.
Metals are either: Stainless steel or brass alloy.
Plating is Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold or Rhodium.

Freshwater Pearls

All pearls are genuine freshwater pearls. Rose personally hand picks all of her pearls to ensure the best quality in her jewellery. She has varied sizes from 4 mm to 10 mm.

Her pearl shapes selection include:

Coin, Square, Seed, Biwa, Baroque, Conjoined
Pearl Colours range from the traditional white to black, peach, pink, lavender and nuances in between.

Rose uses a variety of Semi-Precious Gemstones such as:  Agate, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Carnelian, Garnet, Peridot, Citrine, Moonstone, Quartz, Tourmaline, Turquoise.

Crystals and Beads
We use Swarovski Crystal Elements in our designs.

Clasps and Findings
The majority of findings are in stainless steel. Some in sterling silver. We also have magnetic clasps.

The clasps and findings form an intricate part of each piece and must compliment the gemstones and crystals giving her clients what will be recognized as an exquisite piece of jewellery from The Rose Valade Collection.


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