Rose Valade is the owner and designer of The Rose Valade Collection. Her passion for jewellery was rivaled only by her flair for Fashion.

Rose originally looked at working with vintage stones, redesigning them into original modern pieces. A trip to the Orient in February of 2003 soon changed Rose’s mind. For many year’s she had been fascinated and mesmerized by the visual experience of the Orient.

This experience convinced Rose that combining her love of jewellery and beautiful gemstones was the key to developing her former company "CatnRose Jewelry".

Inspiration has never been a problem for Rose. She spends hours everyday testing and playing with combinations of gemstones evaluating them for brilliance, size, patterns and colour.

When she is not experimenting, Rose is sourcing for her collection.

Rose personally seeks out and hand picks unique, original and high-quality fashion items and accessories.

The result has been a foray into changing the way people see jewellery and fashion accessories. Rose is at the avant-garde of fashion trends which lead to the creation of The Rose Valade Collection. Her goal has always been to give people an opportunity to wear beautiful and exotic jewellery or fashion accessory for an economic price. Beyond this initial goal is the desire to break with tradition but leave the elegance in place. A string of pearls doesn’t have to mean the same old thing. It can be adjusted, or custom made to fit the unique style and desires of an individual client.

The mission statement of The Rose Valade Collection is to allow everyone the opportunity to own and experience an exotic and unique piece of jewellery that suites their personal style or that special occasion: a meeting, a wedding or a gala affair. Jewellery that not only feels good to wear but makes you feel special. Jewellery that is classic, yet at the avant-garde of the fashion trends. Rose purposely designs her jewellery so that no one will meet themselves, yet others will know by seeing it that it is from “The Rose Valade Collection”.

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